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Everybody wants to have a beautiful, green lawn that survives year in and year out. In order to achieve that, homeowners often take the necessary steps, such as watering, fertilizing and routinely cutting the grass. Unfortunately, these things do not always ensure a perfect lawn. The soil requires water and air to survive, but many times these nutrients get trapped on the surface. In order to make sure the soil receives the nutrients that it requires, aeration is crucial component.

What is aeration?

Aeration is a lawn care practice that uses a machine to puncture small holes into the ground. Each of the holes are about 2-3 inches deep and less than an inch in diameter, evenly distributed throughout the lawn.

Why should you aerate?

Aeration is crucial because each of these holes allow air, nutrients, and water to seep into the soil instead of being trapped at the surface. Essentially, aeration gives a lawn the opportunity to “breathe”. Many times, dead grass, or thatch, piles up at the surface of the lawn and leaves patches, not allowing nutrients to penetrate the soil. Putting the holes throughout the lawn allows air and water to fight through the thatch and feed the soil the nutrients it has been starved of.

When should you aerate?

Aeration is typically required twice a year.

  • Once in the spring: in order to alleviate some of the starvation the soil had endured throughout the winter
  • Once in the fall: in order to alleviate the starvation and lack of water the soil had endured throughout the summer

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